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We are now convinced that queer theory involves and implicates everything under the sun and moon.  And beyond.  So, we're here to help queer the universe.  We want to promote people's work. For peace and justice. For fame and fortune.  For power.  For fun.  Enjoy! 

History & Origins

This site began as a research tool for students enrolled in a very controversial honors course at Villanova University in the Spring of 2000.  The course itself made the headlines of the Philadelphia Inquirer, and letters of protest -- as well as encouragement -- flooded the university.  News of the course even made it to the Vatican.  The course title was "Constructing and Deconstructing Homosexuality," and I had the privilege of being one of the team teachers.

This website, in association with Erratic Impact's Philosophy Research Base ( is designed and maintained by Danne Polk, (with much appreciated help from several friends, former students and colleagues). is dedicated to queering the world wide web and the wide wide world as well.   

Our Mission Statement

We at are dedicated to providing the world with the best online resources integrated with the best textual resources in the fields of LGBTQ studies, gender studies, and queer theory.  Thus, it is our goal to make the study of gender identity, sexual orientation and construction as easy and enjoyable as possible by combining the best online resources with the most extensive text resources available.

We also love books!  Thus, it is our goal to use the internet to promote new (as well as established) authors in queer theory and related fields.  We want to help students and teachers find your work.

And, we cherish communication.  Let us know how we might improve our service.  Let us know what authors you want represented on our pages.  Let us know if you need assistance in finding resources both online and offline.  We're here to help!

We appreciate your interest.


The inclusion of names in the Names Index, the Authors Index, or on any other pages on the web site, does not imply anything about that person's sexual orientation.

The inclusion of links to other web sites on the world wide web, as well as to off line businesses, organizations and establishments are provided for the pleasure of research and for convenience to our users.  Inclusion does not necessarily mean that endorses the content, nor the persons behind the content.  We do not make any representation of the nature of the content of other websites to and from this website.

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