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Scott Andrew Spencer

Scott Andrew Spencer Scott Andrew Spencer is a California native, born in 1970 in Santa Monica and raised in Orange County. Currently residing in Los Angeles, he paints daily out on the balcony of his second-story condominium where he loves to listen to music and delve into abstraction. He takes inspiration from his immediate surroundings, real or imaginged, and paints into the wee hours of the night. "That's when the energy comes." Scott is primarily self taught and began painting full time after a brush with cancer in 1999. He was admitted into the Pasadena Society of Artists in 2004.

Queer Byproducts -- Jasper White

jasper white Queer art by a gay man with lesbian sensibilities. In his work, he manipulates original and found on-line images to create erotic queer sci-fi landscapes.

Jasper White doesn't want you to know who the hell he is. He'll only dole out morsels of information, phrased as interminable negations. He won't ever put the following personal ad: GWM, 28, seeks same. He doesn't watch kung fu films for their plots. He's a queer. Pot smoking retro hippie maybe. Ganja blowin cyberpunk maybe. Definitely not a medical marijuana using new age wannabe. And he has some queer ideas. Like where you find stuff to make art and what you should smoke while making it. Art that is.Though generally butch, he has been known to adopt an English accent, keep his pinky in the air while drinking tea, and take the time to stop and smell the flowers. Still, he's queer. Which means his English is West Texas, he prefers coffee to water, and believes the earth is likely to gobble him up at any moment...

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