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Angel Lust : An Erotic Novel of Time Travel

Angel Lust : An Erotic Novel of Time Travel
by Perry Brass, Tom Laine (Editor)


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Albrick's Gold by Simon Levay

Apprenticed to Pleasure : An Erotic Sci-Fi NovelApprenticed to Pleasure : An Erotic Sci-Fi Novel by Brandon Fox

Initiation into a secret band of mages, randy youths whose intimate knowledge of pleasure and enchantment could open portals to a higher reality, had strained Ander's body and dazzled his senses. But mastering the ecstasy required to perform magic was only half the challenge. Fighting a tyrant's scheme to seize the vast power concealed in the magical realm had nearly cost his life.

Ander's talent as a musician and his budding prowess with sex magic are no match for an empire's legions. Even Thane, a brilliant mage of radiant beauty and fierce determination, has never faced such peril . . .

"This is an erotic novel (definitely!), but it's even more a sword and sorcery adventure and a gay romance. The main character is a young musician named Ander, and the story starts when he meets two foxy guys who visit the brothel where he works. Trouble shows up and Ander discovers his new friends are far more mysterious than he had imagined. I love the characters, who are people you really like and enjoy having adventures with. They are emotionally involved with each other. I think this makes the erotica way more interesting than in most novels. The sex is vital to the plot, not just thrown in. There are lots of surprises and an element of humor. So if you like classic sword and sorcery (colorful magic, quests and adventures) as well as gay erotica, this is your book. I thought it was a blast" -- Anonymous Reader

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Harry's Sci-Fi Page


Why do gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender individuals love science fiction so much? It's easy when you think about it. We are dreamers. You have to be, really, when you live in a world of people who are so afraid and hateful of anyone who does not look like they do, live like they do, love like they do. Respect, tolerance, diversity: they are still but a dream on this planet...


Zena -- Warrior Lesbian

This site chronicles the lesbian references in Zena, and includes a long list of related links, discussion boards, and more.


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Sci-Fi Entertainment

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