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Wisecracker : The Life and Times of William Haines, Hollywood's First Openly Gay Star
Contessa: The Unexpurgated and Intimate Autobiography of the Great StarContessa: The Unexpurgated and Intimate Autobiography of the Great Star by Jack Fitzgerald

Contessa, a glamorously seductive international film star, having reached the age where she is no longer a page-one celebrity, informs her public via this book that she started off in life as a man. This is the story of a bootlegger's son in rural Arkansas who ends up in Cuba for a sex change during Castro's revolution and who subsequently treks on to Paris where as a newly minted woman enters the world of international show business. This fictionalized, as-told-to autobiography vividly yet humorously tells the real circumstances of Contessa's secret life and in doing so leaves no sequin unturned!
Contessa brims over with adventure and intrigue but the real interest of this book concerns the hate she had to endure to finally achieve any happiness in life. At the end of the book, Contessa questions what her life would have been like if she had remained a man. "Where would I be today? What kind of life would I have led? How happy would I be?"

This highly unusual book spotlights the ignorance, bigotry, self-righteousness and absurdity society forces us to live under. Specific cases of the sexual injustice various individuals have to suffer are told with extraordinary insight. Contessa
is the perfect guide for saying bonjour to a new 21st Century of sound social reasoning and adieu to the neuroses of the 20th Century. As has been shown most recently in film, stage productions and books, gender dysphoria is a very viable topic at the present.

About the Author

Jack Fitzgerald, the author of Contessa, is a writer of many plays and screenplays. He resided for  nine years in Paris where he established the only permanent English language theater. About his writing, The International Herald Tribune says, "Fitzgerald has an uncanny knack of capturing American types and speech; it is in their conversation and present-day mores that Fitzgerald's talent shines. Fitzgerald is so adept with a pen he can make the improbable seem believable, utterly believable."

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Gay and Lesbian Films

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TLA Video is an independently owned and operated chain of 6 video stores founded in Philadelphia, currently with 5 stores.  TLA Video specializes in LGBT films!


Hollywood Supports

An entertainment industry workplace education and support project

Hollywood Supports was launched in the fall of 1991 by leading entertainment industry figures to counter workplace fear and discrimination based on HIV status and sexual orientation. The prime objective is to ensure a safe working environment free of stigma, fear and bigotry.

Hollywood Supports provides the following free services to the industry:
"AIDS in the Workplace" seminars
"Sexual Orientation in the Workplace" seminars
Monthly general meetings on a variety of AIDS and lesbian/gay themed topics
Employee benefits counseling
Information on establishing gay and lesbian employee support groups
Model policies for adoption of domestic partner benefits
Technical information and assistance on portrayals of HIV in film and television

A Hollywood Supports task force created a model policy for extension of group health benefits to employees' same-sex partners, which has now been adopted by MCA/Universal, Viacom Inc., HBO, Warner Bros., Time Inc., Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, CAA, William Morris, the Writers Guild-Industry Health Fund, Ticket Master, Lucas Films, E! Entertainment and Capital Cities/ABC. Hollywood Supports sponsors the annual television event -- Day of Compassion -- June 20th, in which most cable networks, national talk shows and daytime soaps currently participate, with AIDS themed programming and PSA's aimed at increasing AIDS awareness and modeling compassion for people affected by HIV and AIDS. Hollywood Supports also serves as an industry voice to respond to inquiries about the industry's commitment to combating AIDS and AIDS- phobia. Hollywood Supports has a commitment of $1 million over 10 years for AIDS education efforts from the Permanent Charities Committee of the Entertainment Industries.

Hollywood Supports' "AIDS in the Workplace" seminar provides vital information about HIV and AIDS in a format specially designed for industry workplaces. Hundreds of the seminars have been delivered at industry workplaces nationwide. Hollywood Supports' "Sexual Orientation in the Workplace" seminar is a unique 90-minute, interactive session that leads employees through a discussion on why sexual orientation is a workplace diversity issue and ways companies can foster a more inclusive and productive workplace environment through a greater awareness of sexual orientation.

To obtain more information on Hollywood Supports' "AIDS in the Workplace" seminar or other services call Mark Eaton at(213) 468-1270 or e-mail meaton@hsupports.org.



Frameline’s mission is to support, develop, and promote lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer visibility through media arts. Through a variety of programs and activities, Frameline provides access to films and videos dealing with a wide variety of issues related to sexuality and gender. Each year Frameline presents the San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, the world's oldest and largest event of its kind. Frameline brings the best in lesbian and gay films and videos to communities across the country through Frameline Distribution, the nation's only distributor solely dedicated to lesbian and gay film and video.


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